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Pamela Coromoto, born in 2010 in Barcelona, Spain… as a fruit of a beautiful friendship, nice wine and a lot of creativity. 

Directed since 2011 by venezuelan architect Marianne Villalobos-Emonet, although not formally trained in jewelry making, she tailors her creative skills to a miniature scale, merging the boundaries between fashion, architecture, art and jewelry. In this way, based inside experiments and fusion, a personality and source of inspiration was born: "Pamela Coromoto."

Interview with Marianne Villalobos Emonet, the mastermind behind Pamela Coromoto

Marianne has been able to translate her architectural background into objects that articulate an emotion, yet intrigue with their innovative forms, textures and conceptual ideas, making a fusion of architectural, poetic and organic influences. She is a passionate observer, seeker of authenticity, intuitive and sentimental. She considers as a mission in her jewelry work, to underline the wearer's individuality.

Where do you find inspiration?

Pamela Coromoto -as a character- is the inspiration itself.  Then, and from it, multiple of “bugs” - how I call it - move me constantly. Landscapes, cultures, natural forms, films, food, music, literature, or simply just everyday images or people. Finding the connections and resonances between these images and ideas continues to inspire my design. It’s  the catalyst for a new project.


And then what do you do with that?

It’s a process - Starting with brainstorming and sketching, and then creating drawings reduce thoughts into lines, forms, colors and patterns. This is followed by an experimental phase and technical challenges, from the combination of 3D computer modeling with traditional hands skills to create its minute details. Also, focusing on the human body when it comes to define proportions and shapes, which are molded directly from women' silhouette, dictating how the piece will evolve, re-contextualizing noble materials, such as wood and leather, playing with its eternity and balance into wearable art forms.

The process goes from handcraft methods to industrial techniques, such as digital fabrication, using innovative techniques to customize storytelling pieces. I make jewelry visionary in technique, style, and execution. There’s no doubt that my architectural background enhances creative ingenuity of the sharpest kind. I purposely ignore fashion trends and focus on promoting designs for women who dare to be themselves, who have a style on their own!


What made you go from architecture to design for Pamela Coromoto?

Jewelry feels like the perfect latitude for me. Located somewhere between art, fashion, architecture, and craftsmanship, it makes me test the limits of jewelry design constantly, beyond the traditional aesthetics, and thereby redefining its concept.


But why jewelry?

By doing jewelry, my detail-oriented nature is perfectly challenged, working on a small scale makes me feel comfortable. I am always curious and searching for playful and experimental ways of expressing in my work a celebration of femininity, in its pure form, a suggestion of purity and fragility.

Nonetheless, I keep working on other fields, applying the same rigorous vision to all my design projects. Whether is jewelry, furniture or interiors; I strongly believe that every form of art is connected. I would like that Pamela Coromoto - and my personal touch -  could be immediately identifiable, yet always surprisingly fresh.


What do you enjoy the most on a daily basis?

Working on prototypes is one of my favorites stages, choosing material and scale, adjusting on the body… I definitely love the architecture of jewelry.  


Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.
— Coco Chanel